Letter to my 18 year old self

Dear Simona, a lot has happened since I last thought of you, that is why I am writing this letter. To summarize, a few important events happened: social media became a priority, and since then communication changed drastically, artists everywhere started to use it to send their art out into the world, reality shows became really trendy (forget about The Osbournes, that was a warm up, now anybody who’s anybody or wants to become somebody has a reality show), terrorism spread like a plague, cancer continues to be incurable, but it’s still not the number one cause of death in the world, heart disease is.

On the plus side, you won’t lose your spirit and you will be a blonde for a while. No need to worry too much about the future, just make sure to focus on the important things in you life.


As much as you want your freedom now, and it’s only normal to have, appreciate them and let them now you care. I know you are struggling and don’t really know how to express yourself, but no need to worry, being straightforward will pay off eventually.


Guess what? Your highschool bestie will still be there when you’ll be 32, even if it hardly seems right and you don’t really like a lot of people. You will grow together beautifully, will sometimes travel together, will laugh a lot, will argue a lot, and even if you will choose different careers and different paths in life, at the end of the day you will still be there for each other.


The good news is that you will become more secure and open than you are now. The bad news is it will always be your soft spot. You will meet a few interesting characters, but you will mostly feel like you don’t belong, and you will make all the mistakes possible. Don’t worry, you will get to a point when you will feel you are enough and you will no longer seek for approval. Unfortunately, that moment will be shadowed by a great loss, but you will become stronger. Will you get married? By the age of 32 you will not. You need to keep your mouth shut and smile a lot in order to get married, so it might not be for you! I will get back to you on that when i’m 40.


You will work your heart out and you will usually love what you do, then move on to the next thing. You have a great learning capacity and even if the world doesn’t see it, it’s your way of keeping active and challenging yourself. You can never learn too much!


Even if the international music scene will evolve like crazy, so will your favorite artists. You will also get to travel the world to see them, and all of your favorite ones will play in Romania, so be prepared for some amazing thrills! And yes, you will still wake up to your favorite songs!


Yes, you will get to live in London, even if briefly and you will enjoy it as much as you imagined. The European Union will make it possible, however, the UK will get tired of immigrants so you will probably need to alter the dream a bit.

Everything else

All in all, you will turn out OK, your heart will remain wide open, you’ll never abandon your inner child, you will suffer and bounce back from it, you will lose friends and worst of all you will lose one of the dearest people in your life, but you will be by their side until the end. You will meet so many great people and make some new amazing friends, and you will stop comparing yourself to others, even if you will see your path is different than theirs. Oh! And you will get a dog, an amazing lady Beagle called Zum, who will become a great little friend and will teach you a lot about responsibility and unconditional love.

Keep on keeping on! Love. Give. Take. Recreate!

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