2017- the year I’ve exposed my personal brand

Tell the world who you are and what you have to offer!

There’s been a lot of talk about the “personal brand”. In the process of finding ourselves, we discover that it is not our work that defines us, but the other way around.
Every day we put ourselves out there by going to work, sharing our views on social media, talking and interacting with our friends, but we are rarely aware that each of us is a unique brand, waiting to be valued and presented to the world. Most of us have a social media footprint, but not many of us realize how this can affect or help our lives.

What is the value we bring with each share? How does the world outside perceive us or better yet, how do we define ourselves and want to be perceived? And what is the purpose of all that? The answers are all within our reach.

Before securing your web domain and pouring your heart and mind out there, think about the things that define you. What are the best things about yourself that you wish to share with the world? Make a list of 5! Let the world know your story! Your story is your brand. Some might say, how many good untold stories can you find out there? I’d say billions. You have been working on your story since the day you were born! You have been working on your brand for a long time! It’s time to introduce it to the world. Don’t whisper it to your friends, get up there and shout it! The internet is your stage!

Practice your writing, practice your craft. Maybe you don’t feel inspired to write everyday, or maybe you don’t have the time! It doesn’t matter! Try your best to be consistent, try to go on, if you don’t find the words, make it visual, make it motivational! We all need a nice “Motivation Monday” photo! 🙂 When you can’t always be creative, associate with another personal brand that can, but then, get back in the game! The key is to balance what you know with what you can learn!

Think of any successful brand you know, and how they have reinvented themselves time and time again! It’s time we did the same, but by using our own given names. Results will follow, employers might search your name online to see what you’re about, and they shouldn’t have to search for long. It can turn into a lovely paycheck or it can bring you one step closer to entrepreneurship! The important thing is to go ahead and do it!

The best 5 things that define my brand are my love of music, concerts and events that bring people together, my sweets’ addiction and my passion for baking, my love for London and most things British, my open heart and constant need to learn new things, and last, but not least, figuring out ways to move around, whether it’s working out, travelling, or changing decor. You can share yours in a comment below.

Here are some great Ted Talks to get you inspired, and don’t forget:

Give. Take. Re-create!

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  2. Rahul Kamat says:

    Thought provoking!

  3. when admirable personalities are shaped into brands.

  4. Bogdan says:

    Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen – Conan O’Brien

  5. Ralu C says:

    Best of luck, Simo dear!

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