The historical meaning of Women’s March worldwide

2.6 million people supported Women’s March on Washington across the world. It was a political rally that took place on January 21st, 2017 to promote women’s rights, immigration reform, and LGBTQ rights, and to address racial inequities, workers’ issues, and environmental issues.

Are women winning the first battles towards matriarchy?

It started in Washington DC, on the inauguration day of the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. In the turmoil of the current political context in the United states, I can’t help but notice the world needs a change of tone and voice pitch. Feminism is not longer an ambiguous term that best describes women who don’t wish to shave their armpits, but it is a legitimate step forward towards the rise of the matriarchy. To be honest, I really think the world could use a lot more love and nurturing, as patriarchy has proved to be aggressive, submissive and discriminatory all throughout history.

January 21st, 2017

As the world is aligning to the belief that women are no longer limited to devoting their lives to homemaking from an early age, it seems that the 20th century brought on a clearer image of what feminists are really standing for: reproductive rights, pay equity, fight against sexual harassment, and the handling of rape victims in courts of law worldwide. The “third wave” feminists are now tackling the political angle by getting involved in legal establishments, and focusing on human rights, worldwide economic justice,  race, gender, and class related issues.

Many feminist marches took place during the 21st century, but the march in DC is now more resounding than ever, as it responds to the tactless and aggressive comments of a state president, making the conflict wide open and obvious. The good thing is that the feminist flag is now worn by both women and men who will not succumb to inequality or gender shaming, and that social media is a great way for public figures to make their message heard. Have a look at some of the most inspiring speeches in DC on January 21st, 2017:

Whether this movement will get through their President, or any world leader for that matter, it is yet to be seen. I think the vital part is that the alarm was triggered again and is now louder than ever, and the “brotherhood of man” has turned into the “sisterhood of women”.

To all the mothers out there, I hope your daughters have the courage to stand up for their beliefs, trust their intuition and their thoughts, and stop looking for a man’s approval! You are your own leader!

To all of the skeptics out there, just remember that you were brought to life by your mothers, so it is your moral duty to celebrate and respect the women around you!

Here’s an amazing artist who has done so:

Give. Take. Recreate! and love 🙂

P.S: I think the the new First Lady of the United States has a really difficult role to fill and is facing many challenges, yet she is blamed for having posed nude, and is depicted as the obedient wife of Donald Trump. I think she should be respected as well, not as a politician, but as a woman and as a mother, because I am almost sure that if she could, she would opt out of her newly acquired role.

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