5 morning habits to start your day easily

We all sometimes feel that mornings are difficult, and getting up to seize the day can be such a stretch, especially if you haven’t slept enough or if you’re not a morning person. I am definitely not a morning person, so I tried to come up with a routine to eliminate my morning grumpiness and to boost the energy!

1. Be thankful

When the alarm goes off, slowly open your eyes and look outside the window. Give thanks for a brand new day. Even if you’re not excited about a brand new day, give thanks for a good night’s rest, or a lovely dream.

2. Meditate

Just for a few minutes. Grab your headphones and look for a guided meditation on Youtube if you don’t feel like starting it on your own. Maybe you’d like to say affirmations- here’s a short affirmations video you might like- or you can just set your intentions and think about the top 3 things you would like to accomplish that day.

3. Drink Water

Drink a full glass of water.  It can be warm water with a dash of lemon, or water with a teaspoon of honey, a bit of cinnamon and some lemon (this also reduces the appetite for sweets). You can prepare it before you go to bed, you don’t even have to leave your fluffy pillows. I always keep a water bottle or a glass of water on my bed stand, just in case.

4. Stretch or exercise

I love this short workout by Blogilates. I know, the one she does on the bed is recommended in the evening, but I think it’s an easy way to stretch and not push your body too much in the morning. These are slow movements that can ease you into the day. I also like to do the first 3 exercises in this video, to feel a bit taller in the morning.

5. Music

Listen to your favorite song! Listen to something that motivates you and energizes you, makes you happy! Choose your soundtrack for the day! I’ve been through the Bon Jovi “Have a nice day” phase, now I’m into Robbie Williams’ “I love my life“, which I think it’s an amazing song! Whatever song you choose, it needs to be upbeat and put a smile on your face.

Now you are ready to do the practical stuff you need to do. For me, the next step is having a chat with Zum and going out for a walk with her.

Zum Beagle
My baby beagle

Have an amazing day, wherever you are and share your routines with the rest of us!

Don’t forget to Give. Take. Recreate.

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